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Design and Engineering

Air conditioning design and engineering for private customers is carried out by the company's planning and engineering department, which includes some of the best professionals in the field.

The planning and engineering phase is an essential component for any air conditioning project because at this stage, super position plans are prepared, in which the coordination between the air conditioning systems and the other systems installed in the building is carefully planned.

Performing this step by skilled professionals is an important milestone for the execution step which prevents malfunction and unplanned future work.


The company's employees install air conditioning systems to the highest standards in Israel, while each project is monitored by close supervision of a first-rate foreman throughout the project, while paying attention to the smallest details.

Execution of the work by integral departments in the company allows for maximum control and supervision.

The work we perform include:

  • Installation of private and commercial air conditioning systems.

  • Installation of ventilation and smoke evacuation systems (including in parking lots).

  • Installation of fresh air systems.

  • Installation of heat pumps.

Cleaning the Filters

Service and Maintenance

We provide a full maintenance service for all types of air conditioning systems and electro-mechanical systems for private and commercial customers, including issuing approvals to the National Fire and Rescue Authority.

The service is provided by skilled professionals from Novak company.

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